Mobotix Hi Res Cameras
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       As an authorized Mobotix Partner, Daytona Broadband provides comprehensive high resolution, German engineered, surveillance systems. The Megapixel images or even VGA resolution images provided by Mobotix cameras have far more clarity and detail than conventional cameras based on decades old television standards. Camera systems are digital, and designed to be viewed from anywhere via a broadband Internet connection. Mobotix cameras are "intelligent" cameras, allowing users to perform functions never possible with traditional, analog CCTV systems. 

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Intelligent Cameras

  • Mobotix cameras are VOIP telephones using the SIP standard
  • A camera detecting an alarm condition can be programmed to call a person or the police, trigger an alarm system, send an e-mail with an image attached, sound an alarm through it's built-in speaker, or send a message to other cameras to sound their alarms.
  • "Future Proof".  Mobotix's evolving technology is software based.   Mobotix cameras will remain on the leading edge of surveillance technology throughout their long lives without any ongoing software charges. Mobotix provides all camera and MxControl Center software updates as free downloads. 
  • Mobotix's exclusive exposure zone feature allows for clear images even when bright light or dark areas in an image exist by ignoring light conditions in these pre-determined image areas thus eliminating white out or darkening in adjacent image areas.
  •  Mobotix cameras can be integrated with other devices such as building alarm systems, electronic door locks, thermometers, sound level meters and bio metric devices to name a few.
  • Click here to see how one Ohio school is using the Mobotix system to provide a high level of security for its campus.

Cost Advantages of Mobotix Solutions


  1. Increased resolution decreases the number of cameras needed
    960-line, high resolution sensors give a better overview and allow monitoring of an entire room from one camera in the corner
  2. Reduced installation costs at any distance
    Standard Ethernet connection enables the use of common network components such as fiber, copper and wireless (WLAN)
  3. Intelligent recording technology reduces required storage
    Decentralized recording technology in the camera software puts less strain on PCs and reduces the amount of storage PCs (DVRs) by 10 times
  4. Event-controlled image rate minimizes storage costs
    Event-driven, automatically adjusted recording frame rate based on event or sensor action reduces amount of data and storage costs
  5. No additional power and no heating required
    Anti-fogging without heating allows usage of standard POE technology to power the system via network and saves costs of power cabling
  6. Backup power requirement reduced by 8 times
    Low power consumption, 3 Watt, enables year-round (no heating required) POE with one centralized UPS from installation room via network
  7. Robust and practically maintenance free
    Fiberglass-reinforced composite housing with built-in cable protection and no mechanical moving parts (no autoiris) guarantees longevity
  8. No software and no license costs
    Control and recording software is integrated in the camera and is free of charge; new functions are available via free software downloads
  9. Unlimited scalability and high return of investment
    While in use, more cameras and storage can be added at any time; image format, frame rate & recording parameters can be camera specific
  10. Additional functions and other extras included
    Audio support, lens, wall mount and weatherproof housing (-30ºC to 60º C; -22ºF to 140ºF) are included; microphone & speaker available in certain models

Technical Advantages of Mobotix Solutions

  1. Progressive scan instead of half-frame blur
    Mega pixel sensor and image processing inside camera with digital white balance generates sharp and true color images at every scale
  2. Sun and Backlight Compensation
    CMOS-sensor without autoiris, digital contrast enhancement and configurable exposure measurement zones guarantee optimal exposure control
  3. Dual camera technology: 2-in-1
    Two possible camera views with picture-in-picture technology or 180º
    panoramic view, one Dual-fixdome camera with 2.5 megapixel is enough
  4. Long-term, high-performance terabyte recording
    Event detection and ring buffer by the camera itself allow recording of 40 smooth video streams on a single PC (1200 VGA images/sec)
  5. Simultaneous recording, event search and live viewing
    Live video for multiple users, recording and event search simultaneously possible in seconds from
    anywhere in the world via network
  6. Very low network load
    Efficient MxPEG video codec, motion based recording and video buffering inside camera guarantee a very low network load
  7. Bridging of recording during network failures
    Internal camera ring buffer bridges network failures and bandwidth fluctuations of wireless links (WLAN/UMTS) for several minutes
  8. Day & night maintenance free
    Unique Day/Night camera technology without moving parts guarantees extreme light sensitivity and ensures long term reliability
  9. Audio and SIP telephony
    Lip-synchronized audio (live and recording); each camera is a video IP telephone based on SIP standard with automatic alarm call and remote control
  10. MxControl Center included
    Dual screen technology with building plans, free camera positioning, event search, image processing, lens distortion correction and PTZ support

M-Series Mobotix Cameras

Single Lens Mobotix M22

 M22 - Single lens available in Mega Pixel and VGA resolutions Day or Night Versions.  Lens options: Super-wide angle (90º), Wide Angle (60º or 45º), Telephoto (31º or 15º)

Dual lens Mobotix M12

  M12 - Dual lens available in Mega Pixel and VGA resolutions with various Day and/or night lens options.

D-Series Mobotix Cameras

Single Lens Mobotix Dome Camera

D22 - Single lens available in Mega Pixel and VGA resolutions with day or night lens. Lens options: Super-wide angle (90º), Wide Angle (60º or 45º), Telephoto (31º or 15º)

Dual Lens Mobotix Dome Camrea

D12 - Dual lens Dome camera available in Mega Pixel and VGA resolutions with a wide choice of Day and/or night lens options.