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Taking card payments

     If your business needs to take payments, think Streamline Merchant Services. It's the largest payment card processing service in Europe and the fourth largest in the world. 

     Every year, Streamline handles some 3 billion card transactions - for businesses of every size and from every sector. So however complex your company's card processing needs, we have the expertise and depth of resources to help. 

Key benefits

  • Widespread card acceptance - with Streamline, your company will be able to accept payments both on and off the web from all major credit, debit and charge cards

  • Prompt payment - payments are typically made within four days of the transaction

  • Cardholder preferred currency - your customers can pay in their own currency and your business has a variety of currency settlement options

  • Fast, efficient service - our tried and trusted technology provides an extremely fast authorization service

  • Electronic processing - funds are directed straight to your company's account reducing the need for bank visits

  • Full helpdesk support - our dedicated helpdesk is staffed 365 days a year

  • Tailor-made system - our expertise means we can design a system for your precise needs

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Merchant Services Accounts

Credit Card Processing Services

     Mercury Payment Systems specializes in integrated payment processing solutions that are embedded, for free, into a variety of point-of-sale and electronic cash register systems provided by Daytona Broadband. The two-second Internet protocol (IP) and dial-up platforms include free, value-added services, such as gift card processing, 24/7 technical support and real-time Web reports to assist merchants in managing their businesses.

MPS Customers
Merchants such as restaurants, specialty retail, museums, movie theaters, and grocers/markets who would benefit from faster processing and a real-time web reporting system are our customers. Essentially, anyplace where there is a potential for lines at the terminal, or a need to check/confirm transactions immediately will have a need for Mercury Payment Systems IP Processing.

Mercury Payment Systems is the easy and affordable way to get fast 2-3 second transaction processing and real-time web reporting.

Traditional Dial-Up Processing: Merchants can process through Mercury Payment Systems by using a Datacap DataTran configured for Global Payment's East (NDC) platform. Mercury Payment Systems also works with terminals from Verifone, Hypercom and Nurit (and many others as well).

IP Processing Always On Dial-Up Connection: Merchants can use a router and modem combination to create a reliable dial-up connection in lieu of a broadband connection. This option still provides fast processing (4-5 seconds) and real-time web reporting. It also has the advantage of permitting multiple credit card transactions simultaneously (a Datatran is not used).

IP Processing Always On Broadband Connection: The ideal scenario is where the merchant can obtain a broadband connection (DSL, cable, etc.). This option is a little bit faster (2-3 second processing).

Check Processing (Check Verification, Recovery, and Guarantee)
One of the most vital aspects of your business is financial safety and security. With the proliferation of check use for all types of purchases - more than 18 billion yearly, and expected to increase each year - it becomes harder and harder to minimize loss at the point of sale, while trying to increase your sales growth. Mercury Payment Systems, a world leader in IP Payment Processing, offers the total check payment solution for personal checks with a variety of cost-effective products to meet every retail need for check guarantee and verification.

Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT)
Mercury Payment Systems has added Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) processing to the payment acceptance options offered to our merchants. The EBT card has dual capabilities in a retail environment. An EBT Food Stamp customer is able to purchase eligible food items from grocery stores and convenience stores with their benefits card, eliminating the traditional paper Food Stamp process. The EBT card can also be used like a debit card for cash benefits. The card can be used by qualified EBT customers to receive cash from an ATM, pay for goods and services, and receive cash back with a purchase from participating merchants. EBT transactions are PIN-based, just like debit.

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Sterling Payment Systems

Card transaction processing with Sterling Payment Technologies

Sterling’s Express Lane services can move every Merchant into the fast lane. With Express Lane services, we take card transaction processing into the future. Transactions are processed at “hyper speed” – typically in 2 to 3 seconds.

The Sterling Advantagesm

This unique suite of services was specifically designed to compliment Merchants’ card processing. From simplified supplies and repairs to advanced fraud and accounting reporting, Sterling Advantage brings all these essential services to you for one low monthly subscription.

Advanced Technology for Every Merchantsm -- Card Terminals and Electronic Cash Registers
Sterling deploys and supports a wide variety of counter-top, portable and wireless card terminals. We’re also the processing experts for ECRs and integrated ECR and PC-based systems. Sterling knows terminal technology – for u>every business. And we believe every Merchant deserves the advanced technology appropriate for the size, volume, and specialty of the business. What’s more, we handle every leasing need in-house – no third party approvals or interference from corporate affiliates.

Card Services
Sterling offers Merchants a large array of card processing services for credit cards, debit card, fleet cards, and other cards . . .

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