SKYRIM is a Wireless Internet Service. It is fast, secure, reliable and easy to use. With SKYRIM you can stay connected anywhere and anytime, at the fraction of the cost and without the limitations of traditional Internet services.

     SKYRIM wireless connection is established easily and directly with a laptop or a desktop computer enabling SKYRIM customers to connect, share and communcate with ease and simplicity.

      Without the cost of expensive wiring, cables and modems, SKYRIM has lower implementation and operating costs. So we pass these savings on to our most valuable asset - our customer!

     With SKYRIM wireless you are not tied to one location or have to be somewhere with a power socket. SKYRIM is transparent and easy to use so that once set up, you can automatically connect and enjoy High-Speed Internet anywhere within SKYRIM coverage.

Product Overview

     Instantly connecting to the SKYRIM wireless network anywhere you go - you no longer have to remain in a single location to access email, music, pictures or simply browse the web. Whether you are in a park, office, on the beach or at home, you can always enjoy high-speed Internet access from anywhere within the SKYRIM coverage area.

     SKYRIM offers a number of Business and Personal Internet Service packages:

     Value Business: up to 512 Kbps
     Small Business: up to 1.5 Mbps
     Premium Business: up to 3 Mbps
     Enterprise Business: up to 7 Mbps

Dedicated Access
     Fractional T-LS: offers dedicated performance level from 384k
     T-LS: dedicated performance level from 1.5Mbps

How it Works

     How does it work? - that’s simple, it’s wireless! No need to use wires to plug into one modem after another. SKYRIM is wirelessly delivered directly to your desktop computer, laptop or PDA whenever you are in SKYRIM coverage area. Then, after a simple sign up, your wireless connection is automatically established and your device instantly connected to the Internet.

     SKYRIM employs an omnipresent wireless infrastructure which serves as a platform that delivers SKYRIM products and services. The network and network access is transparent and easy to use so that once set up, SKYRIM customers can automatically connect and enjoy high-speed wireless internet access anytime and anywhere within SKYRIM coverage area.

     In the park, in the office, on the beach or at home...

The Truth About Wireless
     The truth about wireless is that Wireless Internet Service is, and always should be wireless. Wireless means “without wires” which in fact means “no wires AT ALL”. Not partially wireless, not a little bit wireless - totally and completely wireless.

     SKYRIM delivers true wireless experience – connection to your laptop or a desktop computer is completely wireless, you do not have to plug into modems, devices or anything at all. Yes, this is actually a “wireless” service as wireless should be.

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Road Runner High-speed Online

Road Runner Business Class

    As a Road Runner Referral Partner, Daytona Broadband offers the best of high-speed Internet services.  With static IP addressing and fast upload speeds available, the Road Runner service is ideally suited to the remote surveillance and POS environments where Daytona Broadband technology products are installed.  A robust and reliable high-speed Internet service will improve the value of your investment in on-site hardware by allowing high resolution surveillance cameras and POS systems to perform at their best during remote monitoring, configuration, and credit card processing.
  •  Broadband/High Speed Internet is up to seven times faster than standard DSL and up to 180 times faster than dial-up

  •  Choice of speeds of up to 20 Mbps are available with Road Runner

  •  Faster downloads

  •   Up to 25 email accounts  

  • Always-on Internet connection

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